I need a man πŸ˜‘

I have been talking/texting this guy for 3 months but we haven't met each other in person yet (but I do know he's real) due to me working and being in school. I do like him but I KNOW he has a lot of other girls he talk to because he's a very social dude. I really want to be with him but I don't know how he feels about me. He told me before that he wants a relationship but he kind of don't because he has a lot of personal things to fix with hisself. he gets mad if I'm with other guys but I don't know if it really bothers him or if he act that way with ALL the girls he talk to. How do I get him to express hisself to me and tell me where we stand or should I wait until we actually meet in person and see how we vibe to think about taking it to another level .Β