In labor? Early stages maybe?

I don't know.... I started getting some new back pain. It's lingered all day and was bugging me. But I went to work anyhow. It's been on and off and I've had intense contractions along with it. Not just tightening. They wrap around me. I've gone home now and they are still intense won't seem to go away and my back is feeling awful. I'm a pretty tough cookie. Didn't feel real labor untik 8cm with my first. I'd hate to waste I trip to L&D but I am becoming more uncomfortable and it just won't go away.. my ribs are starting to hurt. I've felt some pressure and aches in my lady bits. But I don't know... Feel dumb because this isn't my first child. But I was induced with her. I'd say these contractions are no more than 10 minutes apart since the past hour.