pp appointment tomorrow!! UPDATE!!!

Lauren. • 28 years old. Happily married since 6/21/14. Loving being a mommy to my 2 amazing daughters!
I have my post partum appointment tomorrow, and I'm really hoping to get cleared for sex and working out!!! It's been 4 weeks since my surprise c-section, and I'm so ready to be able to workout and feel like I'm tightening up again! I'm a little nervous for sex, but also super ready for it! I had a c-section, so I have no tearing or anything going on down there...but I had major major swelling down there, so it feels a little different...here's to hoping for a great appointment! Any other November mommies have their appt already? How did it go?!? Are you in the clear yet? 
UPDATE-I got cleared for normal activity!!! I get to start my birth control whenever I want, I can start working out again, and I get to surprise my husband with some sexy time!!! Good luck to all the other pp mommies at your upcoming appointments!