Im going to kill her!!!

So my mother in law decided to come to visit and meet my 3 week old son... awesome totally fine with that. She neglected to inform my husband and I that last week she had the flu and that it tured into a respiratory thing until after she held my son and was here for an hour.... are you F***ing kidding me!!!! You decide to visit a newborn when you're still getting over the flu and have a respiratory illness. Im going to f***ing kill her i swear! So now she is sleeping in my son's room (son is in our room) and she is here till Wednesday. Btw my son is already sick with something else to the point where he is up all night screaming because he is so congested. idk what to do. I told her she isnt allowed to hold my son anymore. Im so pissed 😠😠😠😠