Weird ...

OK so my gf had sex with our sperm donor cause we're trying to start a family and she was supposed to get her period on December 7th but hasn't and she is 13 days late and she took a test on December 13th came back negative but she having all the symtoms of being pregnant maybe the test didn't work right and should or when should she retest I read on google that it will sometimes take up to 6 to 8 weeks till you find out if your pregnant. But it been 5 weeks now... So I don't know.. And could she be pregnant? Cause I didn't do anything with the donor only her but I haven't got my period ether and I was supposed to start on December 1st. Could it make me not have a period if she is pregnant? Sorry for all the questions

And yes we're both girls

If she doesn't start her period I won't but normally I should have by now.. If she is pregnant is it possibly she cannot make me start mine?