Had a Miscarriage

Kendra • Find your own happiness. Don't do what others expect of you. ~Baby Dust~
I went to my doctor for my 13 week ultrasound and they found no baby. I had lost it at around 7 weeks. I had no sign and no period. The doctor said he was already passed so there was no reason to do anything further than wait for my period that should have started 5 weeks ago and try again. He evaluated my ovaries and said I was good to go and fertile. This was yesterday. After much crying and yelling my husband and I decided to just work hard and save money. Get a new place for a future baby and for me to lose weight and get healthier for the next pregnancy. We felt better and were satisfied with our decision. We ate alot of comfort food and cried some more and went to bed holding each other tight. I wake up this morning and feel a cramp and then the familiar feeling....MY PERIOD! I wanted this pregnancy so bad and believed that my pregnancy was good so much that I had tricked my own body. It showed all the symptoms and acted pregnant it even gained weight and bloated. This morning I woke up all symptoms gone my boobs back to normal my bloat gone and my other symptoms gone and I have my period! I'm kind of thankful for the period. Now that I know there is nothing to do about the pregnancy I've been worried about my own health and own period and own body. I've been terrified something was wrong and I guess the human mind is a seriously powerful thing. I'm hurting from my loss but I am happy to have the opportunity to try again. Jake and I will get busy immediately but will work to be better versions of ourselves also. We wanted to thank the glow community for all your support and answering all my 3am questions of worry. I wish you all the best of luck and am throwing baby dust your way.