My poetry

Dear Friend: 

We live a world 

Where drinking is cool 

And Popping a pill 

Will get you through school 

No prescription? 

You can just fake it all

Or text that one guy 

That's across the hall

We chain smoke weed and cigarettes 

Like they're going out of style 

Mix a pill and a drink 

You'll feel it for a while 

I fear for my friends 

And the old me 

we laugh at us being high

And pass out in yards for free  

There's this one girl 

Who's life is going downhill

Influenced by this guy 

Who encourages her to pop the pill 

And there's another girl 

To be vague, it's me 

Influenced by a guy

To turn my life around  

I've never felt so free 

I went to help,

I truly do 

But I can't help you 

Unless you want me to. 

You started from innoncence 

And I've watched you go downhill 

I fear for you daily 

Your addiction is becoming real