Out of Birth Control Pills

Soo until 6 months ago I was a student and had insurance and so was able to get bcp for free. I have been on them for 5 years straight. I'm from Turkey and in Turkey I LITERALLY buy them for 10 TRY which is equal to $3 (same ingredient same pill same everything). I started working in here in the states after school as a contractor and don't have insurance anymore because its too expensive for what I earn . So I went to the pharmacy to see if I can buy them out of pocket. They said it is $200! I'm just like...what the fuck? 😱 why??? Does it have gold in it??? Is it precious??? What is different? Nothing! It is the same exact everything! Oh well...so...of course I stopped taking bpc because it would be so stupid to spend that much money on something that is literally worth $3. And I have no way to get insurance either. I'm not going back to Turkey any time soon either. 
My question is, are there any clinics or anywhere in Philadelphia, PA that I can get bpc for cheaper than $20 somehow?