question!! help!! long story.. my obgyn..

Martha • Hi I'm Martha!! Mother of a handsome 7 year old boy and pregnant with a baby boy! Blessed!! ❤️👦🏻👶🏻
So I went to my obgyn yesterday,I had my 28 week he checked me and said everything was ok.. asked if I was ok and if I had any questions, so I asked him when my next ultrasound appointment was, and he said, there's not gonna be no more.. so I was like huh!!!??😳 how come, how are we gonna know if the baby is ok, and positioned right when it's time to come.. check that there's no problem with the umbilical cord..I want to know if I'm having a normal delivery or if it's gonna be c-section since it's been 7 years since I had my first son.. so he just asked me if my first one was abnormal delivery and I said YES and HE TOLD WELL,IF THERE WAS NO PROBLEM WITH THE FIRST ONE THERE SHOULDNT BE A PROBLEM WITH THIS ONE..and that when the time comes RIGHT THERE IN THAT MOMENT WHEN I GO TO THE HOSPITAL THEYRE GOING TO MAKE ONE TO SEE IF IM HAVING A C-section or normal birth..I WAS LIKE WHAT!??😳😳.. that's how it works now?? Help please..