Stop Trying To Hint....We Know and We Want it Too!!!!!! 😤👶


That Co worker who just knows I must be pregnant because of that hunger I have (despite it being dinner time) or the headache I have today.....the same Co worker who has said these things for the last 6 cycles. She doesn't know how my heart sinks when she says "maybe you're pregnant". She is only half serious, but I long for it to be true. She doesn't know the two years trying or the ache it brings.

The woman at the grocery store who stood on the same aisle as me. I picked up tampons and you picked up diapers (why do they share an aisle?! 😢) and you said "one day you'll be picking these up instead" and held up your diapers for your precious sleeping baby. I smiled and pretend to laugh because you don't know. You don't know how jealous I am of you. Can I have that baby?

The relative at Thanksgiving who hinted to my top being flowy. The same one who then asked me if I was *sure* when I asked for a glass of wine as well. OH YES. I'm sure. I'm sure because I know all the dates and I've seen all the BFNs this month.

The woman at Baby's R-Us who told us congratulations as I purchased a baby gift...for someone else. I was holding the registry in my hand!! I just smiled and said " thank you!"

To the friend who just posted a baby announcement....then told us the announcement was for a dog. Yes. They are *expecting a little one*....with a tail. Seriously?!?!?!

To the friend who constantly complains about how hard her pregnancy is and how she doesn't want to be pregnant anymore. Oh girl. Please magically transport that baby over to my belly. Give my that fertility ju-ju you have!!

To the BFN time after time. To last Christmas when my husband said "by next Christmas" and I thought DUH! Another Christmas cycle came and went. Another year of no baby. Year number three is not looking so far off now. You stink BFN!!!!

To my husband who pretends he's not crying when we are SO Sure one month only to find out its negative. To the man who has picked out his dream baby names. To the man who has held me when I cried and swears it will happen. To the man who knows my dream is to be a mother and knows that nothing he does can make my dream happen any sooner. To the man who supports me, encourages me and love me......THANK YOU!! A million thank yous to the men who are by our side and wanting this just as badly.

Thank you also to you ladies. You make me feel safe here and I know I'm not alone. One day our time will come and holding our little one will wash away any pain. But right still hurts!