My BFP Story :) kinda long!

My husband and I have been trying for a year and a half! And today we got our BFP!! We started seeing a specialist three months ago. He immediately had us do an HSG and prepare for <a href="">iui</a> and femara protocol. The HSG came back fine, but my lab results were totally wacky. FSH/LH imbalance, insulin level really elevated, TSH high, Antral follicle count 16 for each ovary, and a couple other things I can't remember haha. He started me on synthroid and metformin. Our first <a href="">IUI</a> was unsuccessful. For second <a href="">iui</a>, we added in follistim injections, which got me three follicles :) hubbs had a good sperm count, the stars had aligned, this was the cycle!
Let me preface this next comment by saying that I have had TERRIBLE skin since I came off birth control. Like terrible cystic acne that cleared slightly each month with the hcg shot. A week or so after second <a href="">iui</a>, my skin got clear and STAYED clear! It was amazing. This was my sign! 
Negative. Another failed <a href="">iui</a>. Bring on <a href="">iui</a> number three! We added more injections and let my eggs get much larger than they had in the past. At 9 dpiui, I fell asleep on the couch at 630 after having period cramps all day. The fatigue continued. I took a test at 10dpIUI, I could swear that I saw the faintest line, but hubby didn't see it. He told me to wait till Monday like I was supposed to. SO of course I tested again the morning of 11dpiui. The imaginary line I saw was darker! Like, visible to the naked eye!! So I called the office and they sent me an order for a beta hcg. POSITIVE. 38 :) we can't believe it. We are so so excited!! Due date: September 11th 2017 :) I'm gonna be a mama!!