Does this get the point across and is it too rude?


My family is still in contact with my biological father who sold me for drugs at 4-11, his crazy girlfriend who is my age and was having sex with my bio at 15, and threatened to kill me.

His family is still connected to his ex who accused him of rape once we moved in together, and his other ex who thought it appropriate to go into massive detail about their (SO and hers) previous sex life in front of me, and want to break up with her husband for my SO (tried to give him oral in a room next to me.)

So what to you think of this?

Now that it's getting closer to having our little bundle of joy here I'd like to set up some ground rules, these are for everyone we are friends with, no matter how we know you or are related to you.

If we have you on Facebook we trust you enough not to share pictures of our child to people we have deemed less than desirable. If you ask to post pictures of our child without our consent I'd like you to know, not only will you be unfriended, blocked, and have the pictures reported, it is also illegal.

No matter how you know us.

If you ask us and we give you the stipulation of blocking less than desirable people from seeing it, and you comply, it would be fine.

My partner and I have everyone we do not want to see our child blocked, that is why we will post pictures of our child. Because we know, there is now way for them to see our baby through us.

We are taking our child's safety and security very seriously.

If you disagree, no matter who you are to us, please, save us the time of removing you, and take care of that now.