induced at 38 + 3 days due to hypertension

I went in for my 36 week appt and was sent to L & D triage to be monitored after a high blood pressure reading. This was my second high bp the whole pregnancy. At triage, there were no other issues and. Any looked great! I started to go for weekly NST and BPP. 
I came to the doctor on Thursday for my NST and had a great NST appointment. They took my pressure twice. One was especially high and one was lower. The doctor came in and explained she wanted me to go right over to the hospital to be induced! I was so scared. We got our bags, ate some food, and drove to the hospital. 
They started my induction at 3:00ish with low dose pitocin and then increased it from that point on. Not much happened the 29th except starting me on pitocin and taking my bp every 2 hours. They also monitored babies heart and my contractions. I started contracting that night a bit but nothing major. At 4am, they checked me and I was just 1.5 cm dialated but 70% effaced and my cervix was soft. They increased the pitocin to regular dosages and it started going up every half hour or so. Contractions started to get more regular. By my next check, I was 2.5 cm and they went ahead and broke my water.  At that point everything started happening extremely fast. 
Contractions got way worse and there was starting to be no let up from them. I requested an epidural after one really had me doubled over in pain. The epi took 3 tries to get in right which was frustrating because wi was so afraid of contracting and accidentally moving while they did it. My nurse was incredible and got me through it. The epidural didn't hurt much at all going in. I was worried about that but it completely saved me. From that point on I was able to relax so much more. At noonish, I was checked again and shocked to learn that I had gone to 10cm and was ready to start pushing!
The doctor came in, my mom and hubby held my legs, and my awesome nurse guided me through pushing. I had only 18 minutes of pushing and 10 pushes and he was out!! I still can't believe we're done with that part and on the other side of labor!