mind blowing sex

Guys!! It finally happened. I've met my match. 
Ugh I have never been so completely satisfied in any relationship before this. My boyfriend is the first guy to make me orgasm vaginally and let me tell you, I finally understand what everyone was talking about! I've been sexually active for ten years and this has been a long time coming! 
Not only that, but he made me SQUIRT! Ugh so freaking amazing. The way he looks at me and knows exactly the right way to touch me... my heart races when I think about him. 
Every night I'm with him, we just stay up for hours talking. He really is the most amazing man I've ever met and I've felt more comfortable and emotionally connected to him than I did the man I dated for three years. 
This kind of love is real, although I never believed it before. I am so happy ❤️