Twin Boy Birth Story

I had a scheduled C-Section for 39 weeks but my boys decided enough was enough. I had the day after Christmas off from work and Honestly I was in bed all day. I just feel horrible like I was coming down with a cold.  Slept through most of the day. I woke up that night and had a bowel movement got back in bed and started feeling stomach tightening that kept waking me up out my sleep as well as some viscous back pains. But I had been having BH for over a month so I just thought it was another BH episode. I woke up on December 27th still in pain and feeling horrible but I got dressed and headed to work. I had an ultrasound scheduled for that day at 1:30 but my husband talked me into calling my doctor and telling them what I was feeling just to see what they would like me to do. They informed me to keep my scheduled ultrasound appointment and then walk over to labor and delivery to get checked. So I did and as soon as I was hooked up to the monitor the nurse said "yep your having contractions, their pretty strong too. So she called the doctor came back to check to check for dilation I was 3-4cm at that time. Since I made 37 weeks that day (December 27) the doctor agreed to go ahead and deliver the twins that day. I was prepped for my c section, given my spinal tap, and waited for my mom and husband to be brought into the O.R. As the sheet got put up I got nervous and all of a sudden I couldn't breathe, my chest got really heavy. I had to be put on oxygen. Baby A was born at 7:48 5 lbs 13 oz 18.5 inches long, he had fluid in his lungs and they had to be pumped and baby B was born at 7:49 5lbs 4 oz 18inches long, cord wrapped around his neck. Both twins are fine and neither needed any nicu time. I got my tubes tied. During all this I was in a state of panic because I felt I couldn't breath and was given a sedative that knocked me out while the patched me up. I didn't wake up until I was in recovery already. I didn't know they were knocking me out either but it was all for the best I guess. We spend 3 days in the hospital because I couldnt have a bowel movement.. after a laxative two cups
Of warm prune juice and half a bottle of magnesium citrate I still couldn't go. Only passing tons of gas. So I was given a suppository. Man did that hurt but after 5 minutes of the suppository being given I was on the toilet pooping my life away lol. Baby B started loosing his temperature while we were in the hospital on day 2 and had to be put back under the heater until he could warm up and get back stable but they both are doing well and we are all home now. Oh and Since baby B was born small 5lbs 4oz and had to do a 90 minute car seat test.  Thanks for reading.