Rumps... daily panty liners... night time pads

Ladies, have any of you converted to Rumps? I am in the process of converting over to complete reusable products. I have some cloth pads and I use panty liners every day. I've looked for some of the higher quality liners online and could not find anything that was in the price range I am looking. I am going to try and aim for a stash of about 30-50 liners total as I use multiple liners every day and do not want to keep doing laundry every other day. I would like to have a cotton velour or a bamboo velour. My mother said she would help me make them sense I cannot find what I am looking for. Does anyone know what I am talking about? And do you have any recommendations? I was thinking about doing a cotton or bamboo velour topper with 1 layer of Hemp and a fleece back. I know hemp is VERY absorbent in which case I would also use these liners while on my period for a cup back up. If all goes well I will be making some night time pads which I will use a PUL hidden with a fleece for grip. Again does any one know what I am talking about and have any advice?