am I over reacting?

Kristina • Mama to 1 boy with 1 on the way & 3 step kids
My SO and I have been arguing more than usual lately. Maybe things that are little and stupid but I feel it's just piling and I'm getting more frustrated and angry that I keep repeating myself. I cook dinner every night, do the food shopping, I clean the house, I do the dishes and I do the laundry. Not to mention take care of his daughter when we have her and he's at work. I got pissed off last night because I came home from work to crumbs all over the stove and a dirty sink full of dishes when I left it clean and empty that morning. Yes, I bitched to the point that I lost my appetite for dinner, finished cooking, didn't eat and went straight to bed. I don't feel like I ask for much. Clean up after yourself and your daughter, pick up clothes you leave on the floor, take out the garbage and feed the dogs, and maybe have dinner ready sometimes when I get home since he's home 3 hours before me (I work 12 hour shifts and he works 8 hour shifts), since I do EVERYTHING else. He catches an attitude and says I'm ungrateful and don't appreciate him because he does do a lot. But he only does it because I ask him to and I usually have to ask him multiple times to even get it done. I shouldn't have to ask him for help. I just want help. I'm overwhelmed and exhausted. 
Am I over reacting or is this pregnancy hormones? I'm only just under 5 weeks pregnant. 
And please don't give the "he's a man" excuse. Just because you're a man doesn't mean you have to be forgetful and lazy.