I kind of need some one to tell me I'm overreacting

So I recently went home for break, and bc I didn't realize I could transfer birth control to another pharmacy (yeah I know stupid, but I'm p new to this adulting thing and I wasn't thinking) I missed the pill for 3 days.
The past almost 4-5 nights, I've felt extremely anxious, nauseous, and my boobs have been hurting. 
Because I'm me, I started panicking/worrying that I'm somehow pregnant. But I highly doubt it's the case bc I haven't had sex since September and that was about a month after I started birth control + a condom. Also, even tho I'm kinda fat, I figured I'd probably notice by now. 
The point of this is just that I don't really know who to ask this to, but I need someone to calm me down bc honestly panicking isn't gonna make it better. Might still get a birth control test to calm myself down even more, but still. Thanks!