any cosmetologist out there?

I've been looking into going to cosmetology school. It was always something I was interested in but I went another path and now realizing I regret that and should of done something with cosmetology in the first place. I think I'll be a lot happier with this career. The only thing I'm struggling with is work since school is full time during the day. I have a weekend job, but it doesn't pay enough it was just to make a little extra. And I don't live at home, live with my boyfriend. But I'll have to keep that until I can find something else but it's a little difficult because I'm pregnant. So I'll have to be taking time off. But it's best to get a start now than after the baby's here. So just wanting some insight on anyone in the field. How do you like it? What should I know about it that I don't already? What we're the highs and lows? And what did you do for work while going to school? And if anyone was pregnant as well while going to school how was it doing that?