advice please!

Need some advice! So my husband and I planned of having 2 children together (he has an 8yr old son from a previous relationship, I have a 6yr old daughter from a previous relationship) I am currently pregnant with our first child together a little boy (which is what we both really wanted, ☺) I have been diagnosed with pre eclampsia and pre gestational diabetes(not quite full blown but because of the pre eclampsia I do have to check my sugar and take insulin since pills weren't an option because they are absorb by the liver) I'm only 25 weeks, and I take meds three times a day for my blood pressure check my sugar 4 times a day, go to the doctors twice a week and just don't feel normal at all and have been taken off work, I feel like the only thing I can do is focus on this pregnancy and taking care of myself which really sucks because I have my daughter full time and his son part time luckily they are old enough to somewhat understand I'm having health issues. The risk of having these complications again with another pregnancy is just something I'm not sure I want to risk, I've told my husband I don't think we should have another even tho we both want one because of the potential health risks. He says we should wait it out and discuss it after our son is born because I might change my mind. I'm about 90% sure I don't want to go through another high risk pregnancy, I don't want to risk the health of my baby or myself. I have to have a repeat c section so it would make the most sense if we could decide before he is born so I can get my tubes tied while in the c section. So my question is should I push the issue or listen to my husband and come to a final decision at a later time.