UPDATE* friend told me to stop posting pictures of me and my husband on social media

My ex best friend and I had been friends forever. We met through mutual friends and even though she's 5 years older we were inseparable. She was very protective of me but to the point that it got overly intense. Anytime I would mention a guy I was talking to or had a crush on she would tear him apart and pretty much tell me all the (non existent) reasons he was bad for me. She also told me that in future she should be the one to choose my friends for me so I would associate with people she liked😒 At that point I started to become more distant because I felt like she was acting like an overbearing parent. I started dating my now husband 5 years ago. She started her usual crap of picking out silly things she doesn't like (he had tattoos) and that I shouldn't date him. I fell head over heals for him and we got serious pretty fast. She kept insisting I break it off but I didn't listen because again I was keeping my distance. I felt she was trying to stop me dating because she was single and still is to this day. Well long story short she doesn't attend my wedding and we barely talk anymore. We text twice a week at absolute most (usually in a group text with other friends) and see each other once every six months since we have mutual friends. I get a text from just her yesterday (not in a group text) asking me to stop posting pictures of me and my husband on social media because she doesn't want to see me and him "being overly lovey dovey". I politely told her no but she can unfollow me and unfriend me if its that bothersome to her and she starting being argumentative saying she shouldn't have to do that etc. she told me I purposely make these posts to annoy her because she doesn't like him (for no reason may I add). And that me having him in my profile picture is obnoxious. I didn't respond. It's literally been almost six years. I just can't. I had literally no idea what to say. How should I handle this? 
UPDATE* I text her back saying that I'm going to continue to post pictures on my social media because it's mine and I can do what I want with it. I told her I will unfriend her so she doesn't have to be "annoyed" but my pictures anymore. She went on an abusive text messaging tyrade about how my husband is controlling me (absolutely not true) because apparently only someone who was brain washed would refuse to stop posting pictures of their husband online. She told me I was unloyal and she can't believe I chose my husband over our friendship. She literally turned into a different person,  I have no idea what triggered this all of a sudden. I told her if that's how she feels I'm going to take some time away from our friendship because it isn't healthy anymore😕 she is still continuing to text me abuse but I'm not responding. Thank you ladies for the advice.