Ready for baby number one!!

So me and my husband decided to start trying for a baby exactly a year ago! I found out i was pregnant in February, but the pregnancy was a blighted ovum. My HCG levels were really high, so it was quite the surprise to hear i miscarried. I had a DNC early April since i was about 8 weeks along. It was a very difficult loss, but i was excited to try again.

I waited 2 cycles to try again to be safe, and got a positive test in July. Turned out, it was a chemical pregnancy. I miscarried the week after the positive test. We started trying again in September but have not gotten a positive test since! My cycles are regular so i know pretty well when I'm ovulating.

We both have 6 nieces and nephews and we are obessed with kids. We are just so ready for our first baby! I am 24 and relatively in shape. Does anyone have any advice?