Rude Nurse

So I have been booked in to get an ultrasound and a transvaginal ultrasound (camera inside your vagina) for a month or so now (for health reasons), and today was the appointment date. But I woke up with my period (yay - not), which is extremely heavy and painful. I figured however, that I could still go to the appointment and get the normal pelvic ultrasound and reschedule the transvaginal one, as I'm uncomfortable with the idea of having someone down there whilst I'm bleeding like Niagara Falls! (It's just me, go you if you're comfortable with it!), so I got to the appointment and explained that I was uncomfortable with the transvaginal ultrasound due to a heavy period, and asked whether I could just have the normal one now, and reschedule for the other. The lady got SO mad at me for being uncomfortable with it, and tried to force me to have it, before storming out of the room. I could hear her from the room (a good 20 meters from the reception/waiting area) telling the receptionist (and a very full waiting room) that I didn't want it because of my period and that I was being immature for not letting her do it. She eventually came back in, and very abruptly told me to leave, before storming out of the room again. I had to walk through the waiting room to get out of the hospital... I have never felt so uncomfortable in my life.