Convincing a miracle... Or two


Hello ladies! I am posting this because I am asking for prayer! I believe I may be pregnant with twins - before you judge, hear me out!

So I have 4 solid clues as to why I think this, here they are:

1- Ultrasound. I went in for a transvaginal ultrasound a few weeks back (I thought I had endometriosis - my goods are fine though!) and the technician showed me that I had 1 follicle in 1 ovary, and 2 in the other ovary! Didn't think much of it!

2- A few days later, SO and I had sex, and a few days after that a friend came by. She was filled with depression and anxiety. I laid with her and laid hands on her and prayed in my head for her and talked to God. I felt the Holy Spirit, and then below my belly button, I felt two "blips" and immediately thought "you're pregnant with twins". Me being me, and over thinking a lot, I brushed it aside and went along my day, thinking it was just gas.

3- A few days later, I was really thinking about, and that night when SO and I were laying in bed, I started praying and singing a new song to the Lord in my head. I felt the Holy Spirit again. I got brave and asked God to send me a sign; a spirit of clarity. I IMMEDIATELY felt (around the same spot as before) a sharp "PINCH". I began to cry, and asked God "if there's two, shouldn't I feel another pinch?". Instantly, I felt "PINCH, PINCH, PINCH, PINCH" over and over and over. It became pretty painful, so I asked the Lord to take the pain away and it did slowly go away in about a minute.

4- I had a company review at work a day later, and they asked me what % raise I felt I deserved. I thought 3-4%. THEY GAVE ME 11%! 1 and 1! Coincidence?! UGH! I even asked my Papa for a banana, and he gave me a bundle of 2!

Am I going crazy?!? I'm six days late now, and doctors have me on progesterone, and I don't feel like I'll even have a period. I feel SO different, my mental and physical state is different. I took a test a day after I missed my period, but that was negative, so I won't be testing again until day 14 (if AF doesn't come before then).

I NEED YOUR PRAYERS PLEASE! I have been trying to conceive for 3 years, almost 4, and I would love these beautiful miracles!! I believe I DO have this blessing, but in the Lords time of course, but if you could please pray for me, I know I will be forever changed!!

I love God and He knows this is my hearts true #1 desire - Please pray! I love you all and if you need prayer too, please let me know and I will lift you up!!

Ahhhhh I can't wait until day 14!!! ❤