Anyone who had an ectopic?


Ladies im just more than scared! Please help me!

This september i had my ectopic pregnancy ruptured and removed through laparoscopy with loss of 2 litres blood resulting in a low haemoglobin. This is my third cycle after my surgery and my periods is late and my tests are showing faint positives!

My fear is.... if i am pregnant 'again', is it going to be okay? Will by baby get everything right from me? Is there a chance it will be an ectopic again? Will my body be ready for this??

How long after a loss is the body ready for a pregnancy again? After how long have you ladies conceived after a ruprured ectopic pregnancy? And was it a successful pregnancy??

Sorry for too many questions i cant help but freaking curious and scared and terrified. I will be fixing an appointment soon for an early scan 😢