What does it mean to be "THICK"?

👑 MAC • BO$$

Alot of my friends tell me im thick and most of us are big girls so we call each other rhick. I waa on the phone with one of my friends and i told her that it was okay to be thick and she should love it. And that i love being thick.

My step sister said exactly this "makayla your not thick your just fat. Thick means tht you have big boobs. A big butt. And a medium waste. Your have neither. Just weird looking boobs." This is my little sister. My response was rude but i was pissed. I told her this. " you wouldn't get it your a size 0. The world thinks your perfect so stfu." I'm now very confused and crushed. I have a low self esteem already. I thought she would understand more but i guess al hee jokesabout my weight were not really jokes.

I just want to know what your definition of thick is and do i fit it.