You guys I need some advice

My husband and I have been married almost 3 yrs may 7th will be 3yrs feels way longer but we had a great and wonderful marriage til we bought our house right next door too his mother I use too like her and we could talk and stuff but since over the weekend when our dogs went missing which he made me feel like it was my fault well anyways we get into a big fight a huge fight because well obviously it's New year's weekend him and his friends decide too get drunk and stuff no big deal idc of course I can't join in because we have a baby on the way still no,big deal too me I just didn't think his 13 yr old brother should have been down here around just my opinion I said something too him about it well he gets all pissy and yells at me I'm doing this because one his mother he thinks oh our mom wouldn't care she didn't care when I came home drunk she never said a word no maybe not too you but she would me she would tell me how it's my husband's fault her "good kid" is drinking and getting high and blah blah blah it's bad enough hearing how she puts my husband down anyways well she goes too stir shit up between us even more saying I let our dogs out before I left and I was gone from 8-9 that morning after I already told my husband when I got back that I left too go look for them I mean hell I woke up too go feed them and they weren't there and so I go and ask his mom if she has seen our dogs they were missing when I went too go feed them that morning she says no I've been laying around the house all day okay I just would like too fucking know how do you get that out of oh hey I let my dogs out before I left this morning and second how did you know I left at 8 that morning and returned back at 9 if your last fatass was laying around the house what really pisses me off is that my husband would believe that crazy nonsense because he knows one I can't lie too him and that I would have called him and said I'm getting rid of the dogs and not only that I would find them a home not just go dump them out somewhere when it's raining and cold with no food or water plus I would beg for a dog that costed us pretty much a 100 dollars and then the other one 150 and third one was free from a friend but seriously does anyone else have mother in laws that they can't stand because they try too stir things up between your husband and you if so please someone please give me advice on how too handle it because everything that goes through my mind is pretty evil of what I could do but the first thing I did was delete her number out of my phone and she doesn't come down here which she personally doesn't need too because I'm just so over everyhting with that woman I looked at her like a mother a mother I never had and another thing for her too bitch and complain about my husband and how he spends his money but she's always down here asking for money asking him too sell her pain pills I'm like really I told him this morning I didn't want him doing it for her that she obviously didn't care for him too risk everything he's worked hard for in life we have two girls and then that's just something else for her too bitch about about how much of a failure he is it's ridiculous so ridiculous that I just don't know what too do anymore but I do know that she does not need too contact me or ask me for shit because my answer is fuck no just coping with this is so hard especially when,we are expecting it's too much stress and drama and I just need advice on how too cope with this if anyone of you ladies have mother in laws that do stuff like this