Milk Allergies


Well, I'm bound to lose a friendship over a milk allergy and I don't care. I have a low grade milk allergy, and my symptoms include hives, severe GI pain and spasms requiring hospitalization, and severe vomiting. This so called friend confuses it with milk intolerance, and we stopped accepting their invitations to dinner. They aren't happy, but my health is more important. They've called me weak, and even tried to play Russian roulette with the last meal we had with them to see what would give me a reaction.

I'm sorry. I don't see how messing with someone's health is funny.

"Stop eating shit (my allergen safe, milk free foods) and eat real food, you wimp."

Yeah. And they wonder why they never get a call from us anymore. Husband couldn't stand to see me like that and I got tired of it as well.

I really REALLY hate people sometimes.