Edging..best orgasm EVER

I have to share this because I feel funny telling any of my friends because we rarely get this down and dirty lol.

Woke up this morning and was scrolling through orgasmictipsforgirls on tumblr (I am straight but ...i dare you to scroll and not get wet AF) and started touching my pussy.. slow and steady... and the way I do it is I rub my middle finger right near my clit and my ring finger kinda rubs the opening... and anyway.. I got into it so much and edged.

When I edge.. I get to the point where I know am orgasm is coming and then take my fingers away and maybe rub outside my pussy or just glide over the outer lips ..whatever. I did this 3-4 times...Super super wet and just feeling soooo good. Then I stopped and when I went to start again thinking I would rub a bit longer..I was wrong.

I stroked my clit the tiniest bit...seriously soooo softly and it was honestly the most explosive orgasm I've EVER HAD. I couldn't even help but let out a moan even though people were home. It was unreal. I'm still twitching. Holy shit.