Can you leave work erlia than 29 weeks?


I'm 27 weeks & the problem I'm having is with work!

I work on a Farm so my job is very manual, I'm on the go all the time & am on my feet all day, from 8 o'clock until 5.

We mainly work with eggs so I have to lift stacks on a regular basis, some days it's constant.

But I also help out in the tea room & the Shop. I get two breaks where I can sit down, but that's it.

I've started to notice that around 3 o'clock my back is killing & often when I get into bed I physically can't move as it's like my hips seize up & I end up being in so much pain!

I'm also starting to get incredibly tired now. I've been going to bed most evenings at 8 o'clock!

I've spoken to my boss about it but she really dosn't care! She's very self centred and isn't bothered about anyone else apart from herself. No matter what you say to her she turns it around to be about herself!

For example if you're ill she's ill too but 1000 times worse.

The other week I slipped on some ice badly & had to go the doctors to get checked out & when I rang to tell her, she didn't ask how I or the baby was, she just mentioned how she fell over the other day & still came into work.

I was telling her too how I'm not suppose to be lifting heavy objects & she started telling me how at 36 weeks she was hauling stacks of potatoes around etc etc

I've booked my maternity leave for 30 weeks, although I've not actually had an official form back yet saying it's been accepted!

But I honestly don't know if I can physically last another 3 weeks!

Is there a way I can leave erlia?