Peace Love Unity and Respect

All these ladies should be helping one another, not bringing eachother down. I love seeing opinions but I can't stand petty women who look for a fight or try and cause a problem because they feel better than someone. What happened to Women empowerment? What happened to "free speech" if it's not DIRECTLY saying your name then butt out and keep your negativity to yourself. I think people who haven't been through hard times and made it out stronger and for the better shouldn't have a say on others lives that have been filled with struggles and bitter endings. Lots of you ladies are too young for adult conversations and that's ok I just think maybe you should learn self love and go through shit before you start typing like you know what life is all about. I know I'm young but I've probably been through more than most at the age of 22. I wish I had a childhood and kept my innocence for as long as I could but my life's plan wasn't that at all.. I grew up at 12 and raised my sisters. I had no parents to tell me what was right and wrong or what I would need to be able to survive on my own. I saved myself. If I hadn't have gotten pregnant at 18 I would either be in prison or in the ground. No exaggerations. My life was a struggle everyday from what might happen from the second I opened my eyes to hoping I had a warm place to stay by the end of the day. I've had it rough but I still made it. I feel like a 50 year old in a 22 year old woman's body. I just hope to give my son the life he deserves and I'm going to try and make the innocence in him last as long as he will have it. His father and I are very thankful we had him so young because without him we wouldn't know the purpose of life. Stay true to yourself. You don't have to prove yourself to anyone on ANY social app. As long as your happy and yourdoing what helps you. Fuck all the negativity in the world. Be the person you were before society fucked you up. BE STRONG. BE MOTIVATED. BE YOU. And love every second of life's beauty.🕉🌻❤️💛💚