omg..3rd Update* he's cheating 😑

I'm sooo angry right now. Soooo fucking angry right now. Now I know why he was so jealous and always accused me of cheating! Because he's been talking to other girls this whole time!! Now I know why he went through my phone but I could never touch his phone! Ugh ladies I'm so hurt right now. I'm literally making dinner for him right now to be ready when he gets home from work... he doesn't know I know right now but he will when he gets home.Β 
For the ladies wondering why I was still making dinner, my thought process at the time was to pretend to act like everything was normal and wait until I had more info. But of course I couldn't and as soon as he got home I said something. I found out because lately I've just had a gut feeling. I've never looked through his phone or anything but I just had a feeling so I guessed his log in for instagram and found he had been talking to other girls. Of course he denied it until I showed him proof and then you could just see it in his face he knew he fucked up. We had a loooong talk, like a 3 hour talk and he admitted that he had talked to girls for validation or whatever because it made him feel good. He never met up with the girls or anything but he was emotionally cheating which still hurts just as bad. I believe him when he said he wasn't going to do it again. But I'm giving him one chance. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. So that's how I'm looking at the situation right now. I don't want to give up and he doesn't either. I'm not really letting this go but we'll see. I will update you ladies more. Advice would be nice too.Β 
2nd Update
We talked some more today through texts since he was working and I didn't even have to ask him but he's deleting his social media accounts. Which shows me that he really does want this and that social media isn't a priority to him. I will definitely still be cautious though. I believe him when he says he is sorry but I can't trust him anymore so he'll just have to deal with me being crazy for a while. It's his own fault anyway. And yes, I wish at the time I could have thrown hot grits in his face πŸ˜‚ that made me laugh! And for those of you supporting my decision to try, thank you!
3rd update***** πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ”«
Ladies, you're not gonna fucking believe this but my sister just recently separated so she made a Tinder account yesterday, low and behold I wake up to a screenshot from my sister of HIS TINDER PAGE! His main picture was of a picture I took of him myself, in September (thanks to iPhones showing the exact date and time of when picture are taken)!!! Obviously we had it out this morning, he woke up to me yelling in his face. I got on his phone and he didn't have the app and he tried logging in for me to prove he had deleted it, which it did tell him to make a new account. So my question for you ladies, is it possible his profile is still up on tinder if he deleted it?! I'm soooo over this bullshit. I thought we were gonna move passed the whole talking to chicks on Facebook and Instagram and then I wake up to his fucking Tinder profile. Jesus lord pray for me because this mans dick is about to be fed to his own damn dogs.Β