have you ever left a relationship you've been in for years and realize your such a better person when your not crying all the time??

BiaaBrielleBelle • 💕✨💋
Me and my son father recently broke up after being together for 4 years ( in which he corrected me on because I thought it was 5) so anyway , I've been really motivated to being more about myself , since I've met him I've been about him & after our first year of being together I got pregnant with my son and my world now revolves around my baby , but recently since we're no longer together I see eeverything so much clearer! I know who I am as a woman , I know what I want out of life/relationships and I know what I do and don't deserve.
I think this single life ROCKS. And for the first time in YEARS I don't miss him...I love him , as I always will but I do not miss him! Maybe it's because he said so many mean things my mind can't grasp missing a jerk✨🤗 LIFE IS GREAT!