God is truly amazing

Allison • 👼🏼2016❤️ ttc our rainbow baby❣️🌈👶🏼
I going to start off saying if you don't believe in god don't read this. 
Today I had a couple come in and we were talking about all kinds of things, well my miscarriage came up in the conversation and she asked if I believed in god and i said ya and she told me that god puts us thru things in life for a reason and he only does it for the good. Well we started talking about when I was about 10 I started having dreams that would come true, the first one I remember was when our barn burnt down. I had the dream and the next night it burnt down. I still have them every now and then but recently I have been having a dream for the past 5 nights, the first one I had twin baby girls, 3 of them was me having a baby girl and then the last one was me and somebody I am super close to having a baby on the same day and we both had girls, but I couldn't see a face. She told me that she has the same things and it's gods way of warning us about the future. Whether it's good or bad They are called precognition dreams. Well before she left she told me that she had a strong feeling and urge to tell me to have to doctors check my progesterone levels because that may be why I miscarried last time and then she asked to pray with me. Well after they left the table sitting behind them over heard us talking and she told me that when she was 16 she was told she could never have children and at the age of 25 God blessed her with a baby girl and that god always has a plan and to put all my faith into him and he will take care of me. And she also asked to pray with me 
Well about a week ago my best friend told me that she was talking her last <a href="https://glowing.com/glow-fertility-program">fertility treatment</a> and if she doesn't get a sticky baby she was getting everything taken out. Since that day I have had a strong urge to just pray for her and her husband. I told god that I was at peace with my miscarriage and that I pray for my best friend and her husband to be blessed with a beautiful baby, they are amazing people and would be amazing parents. Since that day I have been having that dream. And then today the ladies coming in and talking to me and then when I got home I read my devotional book and this was the passage for today
I truly believe god was talking to me today❤  so it's so long, but comment if you have had an experience of your own❤