I need HELP!!!! ๐Ÿ˜•

Hey ladies,( THIS MIGHT BE ALOT OF READING SORRY) ย so I have nobody to talk to and I just don't know what to do anymore. So I've been talking to this boy for 10 months now NO relationship just talking we known each other since 9th grade and I have been out of school for 3 years now and he has been out for 4 years now so we reconnected on FB last year of 2016 in march and he asked me on a date so everything went smooth from there he was my first I lost my virginity too. So um last week he just started acting different and what I mean by that he like texting slow like texting back on his own time and no calling me back calling me back on his own time. So I just had this gut feeling something was wrong but he kept telling me to " Chill out, I need to stop, ain't nothing going on" so now I'm thinking he making me look dumb because I trust my gut and he probably is playing with me. So the weekend hit and we having a normal conversation Saturday and that Saturday evening he said he wanted to go to the movies so I just said oh okay. Then Sunday comes around and he wanted to come and see me so I let him and you know having a normal conversation again so I asked " did you go to the movies, what did you go see & who did you go with " so I only had that question " who did you go with?" Once and he said that he didn't wanna lie to me and he claims " he cares" so he said I went with my EX. So I sat in his car for a minute to get my thoughts together and I got out without saying anything because at this point my feelings are hurt so he kinda stops me from getting out the car and he was like let's talk about it & he claims in this moment ain't nothing like that we just went to the movies. So we arguing and I get out the car finally and he gets out too like he wanted to catch me so basically I was telling him " It feels like I'm going through the same shit again" and he is like no you not so I just left without a bye or a hug. Then he calls me arguing again and he like can you just forgot about it. So to make this long story short once that happened I became alittle distance from him and was acting shady and mean towards him after that. So I guess everything went back to normal in his eyes he went back to his normal self texting me faster and you know calling me and he kept saying I love you and all of that๐Ÿ™„. ย So Monday comes and I'm still mad as hell and I bring up the stituation again and he is like " I'm starting to be problematic and I keep being up the same BS" of course because I'm hurt. Then Tuesday comes and he called me that morning and we having a nice conversation then later on that night I told him " well I'm cutting some people off " and he was just like why and I said because it's a new year and people already starting to lie and switch up so then he says " well I think ima cut myself off๐Ÿ˜• because I already fucked up shit with us" so I didn't even wanna argue with him once he said that so I just said oh okay and went on to something else. Then the next day (yesterday) he calls me to say goodmorning and we had a 2 hour convo. And he said me if I wanted to go out to eat with him on Friday I said fine sure. Everything was going good then later on yesterday we texting and I just wanted to see what he was gonna say so I texted him " I kinda miss u" he didn't reply back to I said something back then he replies " wyd" and I didn't reply back so I guess he got mad and then minutes later he says " I don't wanna talk to you nomore" and I'm asking him why and he is just like " I don't understand you" so at this point I'm crying, sad, hurt because I didn't do shit to him. So part of me feels kinda depressed now because maybe I wasn't pretty anything idk everything is just in my head at once. So I told him well since he acting this way I wanted these shoes back I gave him for Christmas and I might be wrong and petty but idc so he said " you being petty now but you can come and get them" so I asked him where was he at then he wouldn't answer the question he would play it off so I texted him " you needa tell me what you don't understand about me? you need to tell me something instead of me looking dumb" and he's like you know I'll tell you when I get home. But idk I just feel like maybe I wasn't pretty or good enough for him but apart of me thinks he feels gulity because to me he probably did more with his ex that night when they went to the movies. So I have just been crying and idk what to do. Maybe I should just take a break from talking to anybody just to work on myself. Any advice?ย