ML help

My mother in law shares everything with everyone. She is expecting updates when i go into labor and to know as soon as the baby is born. I plan to labor at home as long as possible, and will let both sets of parents know when we head to the parents know not to share this information with anyone, but my ML works in the same hospital as we are birthing and I dont want anyone there till we say so. The first 3 hours are ours. We will let them know when baby is here probably an hour after and i hope his mom doesn't spread the news to anyone. Plan is to keep off social media for the first day so we can enjoy our time with our new baby with no interruptions. My ML is already asking questions and I'm trying to give kind answers it's just hard because my BIL had tons of people in the waiting room when his girlfriend delivered and that isn't me, but my ML expects to be right there waiting... Help?? Or advice??