please give your opinion

Ok. Riddle me this. Christmas Day I was bleeding heavily (side effect of taking plan b a week earlier). The week of Christmas I had sex every day. He pulled out with time to spare each time. I'm also on the mini pill and I take it at 630pm nightly. Never missed one. I'm also nursing. I'm 9 months post partum. The week we were having sex, I was taking those cheap ass ovulation tests. All negative. 
I've been taking pregnancy tests daily (NOT TRYING TO BE PREGNANT). So far, all very negative. Do you think if I was somehow pregnant it would show up by now? I have no idea if or when i ovulated. 
I just got back from the gyno and had a consult for the mirena and will have it placed in 2 weeks. But until then, I'm just panicked. Do I have a reason to panic? Am I wasting all this money on pregnancy tests?? She says by now a pregnancy test wouldn't be accurate. But it's been two weeks, how would it not be accurate yet?