Doctors, pharmacists and your pamphlets.

Those are the resources that know best! Please listen to the instructions your doctor and pharmacist give you when prescribing you the pill!!!!! I understand that not all doctors actually walk people through the process. When I was first prescribed pills my doctor asked me the required questions and sent me on my way. Luckily the pharmacist was able to talk me through it. BUT if that doesn't happen you SHOULD ask any questions that you feel hesitant on! MOST of the questions on here can be solved preventatively by talking to a doctor or a pharmacist! If you aren't comfortable talking face to face you can always call overt the phone and if that's too much then maybe you shouldn't be on birth control. Your pamphlets are GREAT resources! If you lose your pamphlet look it up online. WEBMD is a great resource, they even have an APP. There's also which has questions covering all the birth control methods, PLEASE use your resources. I keep seeing the same questions on here, please do some research before asking strangers, whose MEDIAN AGE is 15 to 19 on here! I see A LOT of misinformation and trolls. As someone who has taken birth control for 10 years, yes I know when someone is giving you false info about pills and when it is on purpose! Learn to think for yourself and gather info for yourself!