im 13 and i act 21. please help.

apologizing in advance for the super long post. so im 13 years old. i was exposed to porn at a very young age, so ive been sexual since a young age. at 9,  i gave my cousin oral sex, and between then and april 2016 (it only stoped because parents found out) we did pretty much everything but actual sex. i regret it so badly. somewhere last year, maybe the end of 2015, i started talking to random men over the age of 18, lying and saying i was 18, and began sending pictures of my body and sometimes even my face. i came across somebody who looked like my teacher, and i stupidly told everyone my teacher sent me a nude. the school found out, and now my school dislikes me. i write smut (even now) and i wrote one about me and my teacher. i made a tumblr specifically for watching and following porn blogs. around may of 2015, i tried to kill myself and was put impatient in a hospital, so i basically lived there for two weeks. while i was there my parents searched my phone and my personal belongings and they found everything. the teacher thing, the tumblr, the nudes, the smut, the messages between me and my cousin. they took my phone away and i recently got it back, but i still cant stop myself from doing the same things i did before. please help me. i cant go to my parents because they will take everything from me. thank you im advance.