Wanting a 2nd baby already

So i had my twins at 29 weeks 6 days December 2nd because of twin b having reversed blood flow and restricted growth before this i was in the hospital 20 days to be monitored they are still in the nicu but my fiance keeps talking about wanting another baby they aint even home yet im 29 he is 34 i think he wants to have another one while he can. Does dads get baby fever i swear he has it he keeps telling me he is working on gettng me pregnant again. This all happened pretty fast i known him 2 years just talking on the internet we decided to meet up last april and got pregnant immediately with twins so i moved here 5 hours away from family we just have his mom here. I dont know if its me but i dont want to go threw all that againg and somethibg be wrong thank god my babies are fine and just need to grow. How should i feel about him wanting another one so soon? He was hoping our twins were triplets.