does my crush like me, are they flirty?? help

Be brutally honest...
My no.1 crush is this really popular guy and I sit next to him in business ed and 
-he's always putting his headphone against my ear so I can hear what he's listening to and asking if I like the song. 
-He calls me babe but I saw him call other girls babe.
- he teases me by tapping on my shoulder then turning away
- he tells me about football
- tells me about where he's been in the world (possibly to impress me?)
- he said that a girl was fit but probably had a really bad personality (trying to make me jealous?)
I'm probably overly obsessing because this is the closest I've got to someone flirting like ever!
I don't really chat to him online but I sent him a video we were talking about thinking he'd forget about it but he brought it up.
Unlike other boys I've liked in the past, with whom I act kind of confident and myself with, I get really shy but that's probably because he's really popular
Please answer honestly as I really want to know