Pitocin Contractions Are No Joke


So I was induced Thursday at midnight and was giving two doses of Cervidil every 12 hours - which did give me contractions that were tolerable! Breathing through 'natural' non-pitocin contractions was not bad .. But then comes Saturday & the Pitocin gets set up in my arm and all I gotta say is

F U C K !!

I personally felt the total difference from natural contractions and 'forced' ones ..

I am not a yeller or screamer but I did eventually brake down crying and wanted that epidural, the epidural was nice until it WORE OFF 100% by the time it was time for me to start practice pushing 😭😭

It literally only worked for me for about 2 hours!!

So what do you call my labor? A semi-natural birth lol anyways meet Penny May πŸ‘‘