Fibroid Regrowth

Hi ladies, I'm relatively new to this app and to this room especially....still figuring this whole thing out lol, but I'm hoping for some responses...
I'm almost 34 and my husband and I have been TTC since September after many years of being on the pill. I had a myomectomy for a large (about 3 pounds, 15 cm or so) fibroid and another smaller one in August of 2015. I had very few symptoms--no heavy bleeding, no bloating--just twinges of pain every so often and actually a very light period, which ended up being because the large fibroid had attached to one ovary. Everything went well and I was hoping for no regrowth.
But now here we are not even a year and a half later, and I feel very confident that I have another fibroid (or more). I am having similar pain in a different location, though my periods have been normal (not heavy) and still no bloating or other symptoms. However, since we are having trouble getting pregnant so far, I don't think I'm wrong. I am so upset and dreading going to the doctor to hear what I already internally know is true.
What I'm wondering is, can anyone tell me about your experiences with regrowth? Have you had more than one myomectomy? Have you had regrowth and still been able to get pregnant? I am really looking for any advice because I am getting so depressed and emotional and I don't know what to do anymore. Thanks in advance!!