is it okay to talk to someone while pregnant?

I'm doing anonymous cause y'all females do too much. But anyway I'm 4 months pregnant and me and the father is not together. He lied and said he ain't have a girlfriend . Some knows how that goes. Anyway I end up getting pregnant. He didn't deny at first. Actually he seemed happy. Then we just stop talking completely then a whole lot of drama start to happen and now he's denying the baby even though he knows it's his baby. Anyway it's this guy I been talking to wayy before I even knew who he was . We was talking dated once broke up around January 2016. Now it's like he's be with me. We haven't did anything sexually and I told him we can't because I don't feel comfortable doing that. He said okay blah blah blah. But is it wrong for me to talk to somebody while pregnant? He obvious got way more to offer then the bd and I just feel like it's not fair for him to be out there talking to other girls and stuff and I'm stuck here miserable. The father can't do anything for me or his baby. I don't know why I even let this get this far. Well too late right ? Yeah but is it right or wrong? And he actually wants to be in my life even after I told him I was pregnant