I've been going in for weekly blood tests following my MC. My hormone levels plateaued between last week and this week and the doctor basically gave me the option to either wait another week to see what the numbers do or go in for a D&C. I've opted to wait one more week, but if the numbers don't go down I will have no choice but to do the D&C. I find this absolutely terrifying. My anxiety goes through the roof when it comes to surgical procedures. I really don't wanna do this, but I'm thinking that's what's probably going to end up happening 🙁
I emailed my doctor's office this morning because I've been having weird pains in my left ovary. They called me and had me go in this afternoon. Their primary concern was ectopic pregnancy. I had a transvaginal ultrasound. There is nothing left in my uterus, so it sounds like I won't need a D&C. My left ovary had 2 cysts on it. The doctor said that's normal, but the with the cysts my ovary is the size of a baseball...holy cow! He didn't find any signs that I had an ectopic pregnancy, but he said that may be because it's too small to see. He did say that there's normally blood/fluid that can be seen with an ectopic but he didn't see any of that either. So I found out what the pain was, but that doesn't explain why my numbers aren't going down. So I did another blood test today and I'll find out on Monday where we'll go from here.