feeling very frustrated

I'm 36 weeks and the day is fast approaching. My husband and I both have our families here and we considered Ourselves lucky to have someone to watch our 6 year old while we deliver. Well as the days approach we are realizing we can't rely on anyone. No one ever answers their phones even after we've asked them to please be attentive to them while we approach the date. No one has been there when we needed it. I'm not the type that's always at the hospital for whatever reason so it's not the girl that cried wolf over here. I am healthy and have had a fairly nice pregnancy minus a few things here and there but I don't think I've called once to ask for help ever. They don't even babysit my son now. So I'm frustrated and feeling very alone aside my wonderful husband. He works in law enforcement so his schedule is crazy but he is ready to leave when I'm in labor but my hospital is on the opposite side of town from where we live he will get there from work before I get there so we were hoping someone could take me and watch our son while I deliver. Seeing as how no one is answering or being available I'd like yalls opinions on having my son in the room. Not front and center to see everything but in the room or just outside while I push and get cleaned up. He's a good kid and listens and is mature for his age or this wouldn't even be an option. What do y'all think?