Anterior placenta movements


I was told by the tech who did my gender scan at 17 weeks (not my doctor) that I had an anterior placenta which I'm not too worried about. However on Monday I swear I felt the baby possibly kick while I was relaxing in the bath. And earlier today I would feel random movements that I also never felt before. It's kind of hard to explain or describe exactly how it felt but the kick I felt it was kind of like a bubble pop feeling and it happened twice one right after the other. And the feeling today was kind of a ticklish feeling but more like ugh I don't know lol just like something was swishing around almost? It wasn't like a gas feeling or hungry feeling because I definitely know what those feel like. This was seriously something new. I had asked my sister about the kick feeling and she said it most likely was the baby and she even had an anterior placenta and would feel it more laying down and it was around 20 weeks for her too.

So my question is before i get all excited and tell people other than my sister and husband that I was pretty sure I finally felt our little man, could this be the baby? I was told by the tech I wouldn't feel it until a lot later?