Twins forster signs of problems

So I'll just tell you what I know about the babies. I haven't Googled much yet so I can't explain everything. 30 + 2 and our babies were just diagnosed with TAPS today. I don't know what that means yet other than it is a rare form of TTTS that occurs in identical twins sharing a placenta. One baby is anemic and is 3lbs 3 Oz and my the recipient baby is 3 13oz. This is over a 20% difference from about 3 weeks ago when they were 2lb 10oz and 2lb 11oz. My larger baby has an enlarged heart and some blood pressure issues caused from their blood vessels fusing within their shared placenta. So the bigger of the two babies is being overloaded with red blood cells and hemoglobin while the anemic baby is being restricted. I dont know what stage they are in but this can lead to cardiac complications up to killing one or both babies. Baby B may have to have a blood transfusion when he is born, but we are not sure yet. It all started out with the doctor noticing a slight elevation in amniotic fluid for baby B last week and asking me to come in for a closer look today. We received our first steroid shot today, I'll get the second tomorrow and go back Monday for another ultrasound. The steroid shots are to mature their lungs and protect their brains from any hemmoraging. We could have babies as early as next week but we are trying to hold out for as long as possible and the doctor would like to see me make it to 32 weeks if not longer. I'm thankful the doc took a second look at our ultrasound last week and caught whatever red flag they caught but I'm not going to lie when I say I'm completely terrified. John Hopkins website has better info on it than I do if you have questions.