My job doesn't carry maternity uniforms, and laughed at my discomfort. UPDATED with picture

Melicia • Living the dream in the heart of Texas. 🖤
So I'm a bartender at a sports bar. We wear black skirts and black lowcut tops. Our uniform sizes range from xxs-s... I started with 36DD and the butt and hips to match. I was already constantly having to adjust my uniform to make sure I wasn't having a nip slip when handing over a drink or my skirt was riding up too high. Well now at 5 months pregnant I have size 36DDD and a bump. I asked my GM if there was anything we could do about my uniform because the skirt is starting to get uncomfortable and pushes on my belly, he laughed and said you already have a small, what do you want a new small? I'm just annoyed that they don't offer maternity uniforms or anyway to make me comfortable. I'm already on my feet for 8 hrs straight with no breaks or opportunities to sit. Isn't there a rule about this shit? Ugh. Sorry. Just needed to vent. Anyone experience similar problems at work?
Sorry for the stretch marks ladies those came with the wide hips in hs, but you can see how it's pushing into my belly in the front. 😔