stop telling me to not think about it

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I am so so so sick and tired of every "helpful" stranger, nurse, friend, and family member to tell me to stop thinking about it.
I went in this morning to get my blood drawn for FSH/LH/Estradiol and every other damn possible thing on the "Infirtility Checklist" I was given, and I heard it from two different women.
If I'm to the point that I am getting my blood drawn looking for answers, then that means we've been trying for a hot minute. 
Do you not think that I haven't TRIED not thinking about it?!  Please, tell me how you don't think about a life-changing event. 
Even if I were to throw away all of my O-kits and BBT charts, I would still know when I ovulate. I would still recognize my changing CM.  I would still be aware.
"Pick up a new hobby" I have a million! I love my life without children--that's not the problem!
Rant over. I just wish EVERY DAMN DO-GOOD PERSON would stop telling me to "just stop thinking about it and *poof* you'll be pregnant".
Sure, sure, you tell me how to stop thinking about a life altering event and I'll get right on that.
Thanks, bud.